An Effective Content Marketing Strategy: 3 Takeaways to Make Yours Succeed

For the layperson, content and content marketing may mean the same thing. But if you’ve been in the industry as long as we have, we can tell you without a doubt that this isn’t true. Writing for the sake of it and posting on your business’s website is a chore that will bear no fruit. A solid content marketing strategy is what you’ll need.

Coming up with ideas, executing them through optimized methods, and ensuring that your content plan is high quality can help generate the leads you need to strengthen your business. Our McAllen marketing agency has a few tricks that will make your strategy a recipe for success.

Plan it Out

A content marketing plan doesn’t begin with an empty Microsoft Word or Pages document. That part happens closer to the end. A marketing plan, instead, involves you sitting down and thinking about what you want to get out of your labor. It should all start with finding out who your core audience is.

If, say, you own a cupcake shop, then it’s a safe bet that your audience has a sweet tooth. From there, do some keyword research (more on this later). This will give you a better idea of what people are looking for when they end up on your website. You can also see which terms to tackle to attract more visitors via the terms they’re looking up. For example, “cupcake shop in McAllen” or “McAllen cupcakes” are possible terms to look into.

Take advantage of this, find out which terms you’d like to optimize for more traffic to your site, and then create a content plan around it. You can then build a calendar of topics to write about for the following weeks or months. This can involve specials you’ll be having, new flavors that will hit your countertop, or special occasions happening at the shop, like taste tests. 

Embrace SEO

Google has a good track record of identifying content that’s relevant, accurate, and trustworthy. For that reason, don’t try to game the search engine giant in an attempt to get the upper hand. Search engine optimization (SEO), when done right, will generate higher website traffic and leads. But when done poorly, Google will know, and you’ll notice your site’s reputation slipping.

Upon finding out which terms rank best for your site, avoid stuffing them as much as you can in your writing. Google will pick up on this and your site’s reputation will take a hit. Also, be sure to focus on one keyword per page instead of mixing it all up. In addition, find better, more creative ways to utilize these terms. You should also take advantage of meta descriptions and tags (specific words that summarize what the page is about). We know that this is a lot to take in, so make things easier on yourself and have us do it all for you instead!

Focus on Quality Over Quantity

Our own John King has a mantra, “Don’t write for the sake of writing.” This means you should only write when you have something great to say. If you think that writing several pieces of copy a week without a game plan behind each will easily generate those leads you’ve been looking for, then you’re mistaken. Instead, one or a couple of pieces a week that check all of the boxes that make a great piece of copy will be much more beneficial.

Having something important to say will be better for your content marketing strategy instead of writing for the sake of it. Your plan should emphasize quality over quantity, so take some time to think things through, make outlines, decide what it is you want to say, and then watch your rankings increase!

Increase Those Leads!

We’re ready to do the hard work because you have enough to do in running your business. Get in touch with us today, learn who we are, and what we can do for you!