A Panic on Social Media: What Your Company Should and Shouldn’t do When Handling One

If you’re a small business owner who also happens to be handling your company’s social media accounts, then you’re well aware of how tough it can be to juggle both responsibilities. Now imagine you’re dealing with a social media crisis. A customer isn’t happy with your product and is taking to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to vent their frustrations.

This is something that larger corporations deal with on a daily basis. If you are lucky, a displeased customer might not create an uproar if they’re unhappy with the service or product you offered. Nonetheless, this is an issue that shouldn’t be swept under the rug. What should you do to avoid or properly handle a panic on social media? Our digital marketing and web design company in McAllen wants to offer some pointers.

Create a Plan of Action

The first thing you’ll want to do to handle a panic on social media is to plan ahead for one. We understand that your company and products aren’t perfect (even though you’re marketing them as such), and that you’re bound to encounter a disappointed customer.

Decide how you’ll respond to any angry post and figure out a way to right your wrong. Offering a full refund is always good, but go a step further by:

  • Making it up to them by offering a replacement
  • Offer some in-store or online credit
  • Stay in touch with them after you’ve let the dust settle to ensure they’re happy with your customer service

Watch for Signs of Disappointment

Dealing with one angry customer on social media can be bad enough but dealing with multiple could be a nightmare. If one customer was sold a faulty product, play it safe by assuming that others were as well.

Rather than just making it up to one customer, create a post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram addressing any issue that other customers might have and encourage them to contact you right away if a problem comes up. Think of this as a product recall of sorts.

Never, EVER Ignore an Angry Post

If an angry customer creates a post detailing their disappointment with your product or service, never, EVER ignore it. Nothing says lazy and rude like a company ignoring an unhappy customer. The one angry post can create a forest fire of angry follow-up posts by other customers who noticed your lack of action.

Never Argue with a Customer

We understand that you’re 100% confident in your company and what you offer, but if a disappointed customer voices their unhappiness, don’t argue with them. Trust us, you won’t win – ever.

Address their issue in a respectful manner, ask for specifics about their displeasure, and refer to our first point about making things right with them again.

We Want to Work with You

If you’re a small business owner who’s having some trouble managing your activity on social media, then reach out to us. Our social media management team in McAllen is ready to create a plan of action to see you successfully interact with your customers online. Contact us today to set up an appointment.