3 Tips on Writing a Good Meta Description

Are you trying to improve your business’s digital marketing in McAllen? How about your Google ranking? While social media and a website are great assets to have, your business can be accessible to more people in your area. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a big role. There are many elements incorporated in strong SEO. One of these strategies is writing out meta descriptions. Our team would like to provide you with four tips on how to write a good meta description!

What is a Meta Description?

A meta description, also referred to as metadata, is an HTML component that contains a brief explanation of any webpage on your website. They can also be seen underneath your webpage’s title online if that page is ranked on a search engine results page, such as a Google Search.

Meta descriptions can:

  • Influence click-through rates.
  • Boost your website ranks online.
  • Can lead to more customers on eCommerce sites.

A metadata example: Boost Your Business’s Online Presence with 4 SEO Tips from Imagine It Studios!

Keep It Short!

It is best to keep your meta descriptions around 150 to 160 characters. If you go over 160 characters, your webpage may not show up at the top of the online search results. These sentences should usually be at least one sentence long.

“They seem like a minor detail, but these tiny phrases carry a lot weight and can improve your web and social reach. This can be beneficial if you are hoping to make your products accessible online and nation-wide.”

-Karina Flores, Content Team Manager, and Editor

Include a Call-To-Action (CTA)

A CTA, also known as a call-to-action, allows people to engage with your webpage. The stronger the CTA, the more likely someone will follow that action.

Examples of call-to-actions include:

  • Click Here
  • Shop Online
  • Sign Up Now

Utilize Engaging Language!

To stand out, you need to utilize engaging language in your posts and meta descriptions. You need to explain your content, be concise, and use emotional words to intrigue readers. Be sure you don’t use language that overpromises or under-delivers.

Use active or persuasive words such as:

  • See
  • New
  • Best
  • Learn
  • Watch
  • Popular

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