3 Important Email Marketing McAllen Automations for Your Business Pt. 2

There are tons of great options for email marketing out there that we listed and all of them have a customer journey map or option. While there are a ton of great customer journeys we can dive into – our team has found that these 3 are always the mainframe when starting your email marketing. 

Welcome Automation

This is for the new customers that are joining your list. This is your opportunity to let customers know your brand, what they will gain from following you, why you should buy from you. You start the customer-brand relationship from here. Nurture your audience and they will grow. 

Abandon Cart Automation

Everyone has gotten one of these in their lifetime. It’s the ultimate F.O.M.O. (Fear of missing out). These are email campaigns that target those customers who didn’t complete their checkout. It reminds customers that their products are still in their carts waiting for them. 

Post Purchase 

Following up with your customers after their purchase allows you to create that continuous communication with your customers. It establishes your brand and keeps your business at the top of your customers minds. 

Engaging New and Existing Customers – One Email At a Time 

Everyone has an email. It’s the Digital Age, and whether you signed up for a new giveaway using your email or you’re getting the latest new sales, emails are one of the best ways for businesses to connect with their customers. 

When setting up our email marketing for various clients, we find that these main 3 are universal when it comes to automated email campaigns. These 3 Email Marketing Campaigns are the backbone of what you can grow your customer journeys on. 

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