Tunesday: Hitting That Creative Sweet Spot

Music is perhaps one of the most important inventions known to mankind. I mean, think about it. You hear music of all sorts all over the place, and it always has a purpose. If you’re at a party, it’s there to make all attendees dance. If you’re watching a horror film, the music is there to freak you out. If you’re at the gym, it’s there to get you pumped up.

Things are no different at Imagine It Studios where we use music and our “Tunesday” playlist to get our creative juices flowing and product output sky-high!

I Feel Good!

One of the most amazing things about music is its ability to make you feel a wide range of emotions, and at Imagine It Studios, we like to feel good! According to an article in Psychology of Music, a study found that Canadian undergraduates taking an IQ test performed better after listening to an upbeat Mozart piece rather than a slow and somber Albinoni one. Is this why we always make sure our speakers are pumping with sick beats? Not exactly, but it’s good to know they help!

When stress and tension begin to take their toll, music is regularly used to relax and de-stress. A number of studies have displayed the calming effects of music in people from all walks of life and ages! Meeting deadlines, working closely with clients and trying to come up with the best possible product can sometimes put our team under a lot of pressure. This is where a good ol’ jam session comes into play. After all, we need a calm mind to continue working for each of our clients.

“I generally listen to Spanish guitar albums when writing for our clients,” said Daniel Morales, one of our writers. “Music by artists like Paco de Lucia lets me clear my head and keeps me calm while I get to work.”

Dream On

One of the biggest hurdles in the life of a writer or designer is that mental block that keeps you from finding creativity. How could you possibly make your way past that? Do you simply move on to the next task or sit idly until creativity hits you square in the face? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t quite simple. Yet, in many cases, a good song can jumpstart your inspiration and open the doors to the creativity you need.

“My creativity is fueled by emotions. Music creates emotion. So when I listen to music with an open and creative mind, it manifests itself into energy and guides my creativity. If you want a bright and fun logo, you’ll catch me listening to something like The Go! Team’s ‘Buy Nothing Day,’” explained Jaime Villagomez, our web designer. “I use music to help me escape myself and create something that is an extension of whatever emotion is being triggered by what I’m listening to.”

Perhaps the song you choose puts you in an emotional state that can serve as a catalyst for inspiration and send you on your way. But maybe you’re more like Cesar Gonzalez, our lead developer, who uses music as a channel that leads him to a place of imagination, vision and inspiration.

“The act of programming requires that one focus intensely on what they are working on. Music definitely acts as a conduit for focusing the mind and puts you right in the middle of a creative flow,” he shared. “It really is a near necessity for any programmer looking to get in their ‘zone.’”

Go Create

Saying music is important for everyone at Imagine It Studios might be a bit of an understatement. After all, music is one of the constants that resonate throughout our office. It’s what drives a river of creativity through each of our desks and lets us keep imagining and formulating ideas that are used for the benefit of our clients. The creative effects of music are what led us to put together a Tunesday playlist, and we share it so that you can also find that burst of inspiration and create to the best of your ability.