SXSW Tech Crunch: Netflix Talks Trial and Error

Over the last few years, Netflix has found itself in the homes of millions of people around the globe. However, reaching that success and magnitude was no easy task. At SXSWi, Todd Yellin, Netflix’s Vice President of Product Innovation, discussed achieving customer satisfaction through the constant testing of the company’s product.

Test, Cringe, Repeat

According to Yellin, product testing has been a huge part of Netflix’s success, but one that comes with many trials and errors. By using A/B testing to track the effects of different website layouts and designs, Netflix was able to gather the necessary data to improve user experience. Not every change was well-received, but by using accumulated information, Netflix created a tailored selection screen where fluidity and ease of navigation are key.

Opinions Matter

Another of the company’s features that was accompanied by many woes was Netflix’s kid’s section. The company’s design team gathered ideas from child-oriented networks such as Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. to create a new layout. Unfortunately, kids disliked the new section and Netflix watched their young viewers steadily decrease. After much evaluation, the new section was considered too cluttered, so it was reverted back to its more simplistic design.

Even the smallest of features can prove to be a key point in customer satisfaction. During Yellin’s conference, the audience (full of techies) was asked to pick the best thumbnail out of three for AMC’s popular series, Breaking Bad. While the room unanimously made the choice that any techie would make, they were surprised to find that the general public had chosen something completely different. This shows that no matter how much you think you know a subject, the people that matter most are the ones that have the final say.

Make a Change

Stories like these, coming from one of the biggest companies in the world, remind us not to be afraid to try new things for our own businesses. If your company is ready to take a leap of faith, Imagine It Studios is here to jump along. Let our digital marketing experts help your company leave its mark in its industry today.

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