SXSW Tech Crunch: Designing for Trust

Imagine It Studios’ trek through SXSWi is well under way and already our adventurous techies are at the forefront of the most innovative ideas and information. One of the biggest themes at this year’s festival is website/user trust. We all know how uncomfortable it can be to input personal information into a site, but how can your company turn this awkward function into a trust-building tool?

Creating Trust

The last 20 years have seen a significant decrease of trust in websites, apps and social media. Your online presence should be refreshing and confident, but asking for user information can oftentimes be a slippery slope. How can you have your site autofill information without giving the user a sense of uncertainty and flat-out creepiness?

Aesthetics and functionality are a huge part of your website, but nowadays you should design it in a way that gives the user control of the information you want and how it can be used. A great way to build trust between your company and a user is by revealing yourself as a real person or business. Kickstarter is a good example of the way trust can be created. The site’s “About” page offers personalized contact and support information to give the user a sense of comfort and ease.

Transparency Goes a Long Way

As a company, no matter how big or small, you’ll find that transparency with your customers and clients is vital in establishing an effective professional relationship. Of course, you can’t afford to reveal your trade’s secrets. Yet, allowing your clients the chance to look into your business through your online presence can be a catalyst for success.

Trust Us

Get with the times by adapting your company’s website to new trends and ideas. Whether you’re looking to improve your relationship with clients, or are ready to leave your mark on the Internet, we can help. Let the developers and technologists of Imagine It Studios put their fresh nuggets of information to work for you.