Why You Should Consider Running Re-Targeting Ads for Your Business

Let’s say that you own a small coffee shop located in the heart of your city. Your ads posted on social media enable you to drive your customers to your website and allow them to purchase merchandise online. Oftentimes, regular ads drive people to your website, but for whatever reason, the action stops there. There are many variables that can contribute to the lack of action taken by a visitor. Is there any way to take it a step further? Fortunately, there is because this is where retargeting comes in.

What is It?

Retargeting ads are used for very specific audiences. These are not to be mistaken for remarketing, which is actually email-based. Ad retargeting allows you to reach specific people with an ad that caters solely to them.

This type of ad is going to look different than the original one that brought them to your site. You can lose the logo, lose the introductory chit-chat and cut to the chase. They already know who you are and what your brand is.

An example of a retargeting ad would be a reminder such as, “Hey you forgot to check out!” Sometimes, all they need is a little nudge in order to help them make the decision that they’re hesitant to make the first time around.


How many times do you frequent online stores as a way to pass time? You’re just browsing for a good deal but aren’t ready to be truly committed to purchasing anything just yet. You’re weighing out your options and seeing who has the better deals. There are so many people that do this, so the best way to get them to commit is by creating a sense of urgency and a fear of missing out.

Once they think they’ll be missing out on something HUGE, they’re more likely to act in an instant. Offer a timed promo with a countdown to entice window shoppers to close the deal before it’s too late. Imagery is going to be huge for this type of ad as well. An hourglass or clock alone will give it an added effect and expand on the urgency of the promotion itself.

Discount Codes/Coupons

If strolling past your website while comparing prices from your competition is how some of your customers land on your page, then you’ll need a strategy to keep them there. Further, you’ll want to stand out from your competitors. What’re you offering that other websites don’t? Do you have better deals and promos than the rest? Retargeting allows you to pick up what your customers are searching for with the use of internet cookies/

A retargeting ad is a ticket to the checkout page. Knowing exactly what your client wants will help you create an offer that they can’t resist. Add a coupon or discount code to make sure they close the deal and you’re golden!

Let’s Work Together

If you’re wondering if retargeting is something you should be using to ensure that your customers are following through with their purchases, contact us today. We are a full digital marketing agency in McAllen, and we will be more than happy to help see that your business is successful in this aspect. At Imagine It Studios, we pride ourselves in going above and beyond for our clients in order to exceed their expectations.