The Slow Loading Internet World

I woke up one morning on a weekend and decided to immediately learn what was going on in the world. I pulled out my phone and opened up the browser. Nothing. I sat there, groggy, but still on the edge as I waited for my page to open. Nothing came. I checked the corner for my Wi-Fi signal and it showed all systems go, I didn’t understand and got scared.

I continued to stare at the screen, hoping and then pleading that my homepage would appear, but still nothing. I slowly moved from optimism to dread; perhaps this was it. Maybe I’d died and was stuck in limbo. Maybe the world had simply stopped producing news and we were all left as a species to contemplate the darkness within us and cope with the horrible things we knew were happening but would never hear about.

A lot can happen while a page loads. We make sure to keep it short.

The New World

Like poor Gregor Samsa in The Metamorphosis, I simply tried to adjust to this new world order, living in a world where we would never know what’s happening on the other side of the globe, let alone down the street, and how distrust would form among neighbors and family.

If we did not know, then one must assume the worst, no? Perhaps this halt of information flow was deliberate, a deal struck while I slept as former friends and family began their plots against each other and me.

After a few minutes, I became numb. I’d stared into the abyss and the abyss stared back. This was life now. I could not trust anything besides our worst intentions. Worst of all, I could not even trust myself anymore.

Lock and Load

I then got up, had some coffee and reset my router. Next thing I knew, the New York Times popped up in a second and I came back to Earth.

A lot can happen while you wait for a page to load. When we’re all essentially carrying a window to all of the world’s knowledge in our pockets, delays can do some crazy things, no matter what’s caused them. Even Google will dock you if you don’t load fast enough.

Saying the right thing means nothing if no one can see it, so don’t get lost in the abyss caused by a slow website. Let us optimize things for you and make sure your crisis stays out of the realm of the existential. Get in touch with us or call 956.687.1521.