The Fun Awakens: Star Wars and Inspiration

You can’t escape Star Wars today, and that’s totally okay. Even here at the office, we’ve fully succumbed to hype. We’re rocking lightsabers and waving our hands trying to do Jedi mind tricks to get out of work early. Okay, maybe not that last part, but we’re all kinds of excited.

Star Wars means a lot to most of us for a lot of reasons. It has touched us in different ways and fueled many parts of who we are. For us, Star Wars was the ultimate inspiration. The idea that you can find adventure and glory no matter your background has driven a lot of us to follow our dreams, and that’s important.

We build stories here and are inspired by the very best.

Red 5 Standing By

Personally, when I first saw Star Wars, I wanted to be a pilot before a Jedi. As a young WWII buff who knew everything about P-51 Mustangs, seeing X-Wings dogfight with TIE Fighters made me imagine piloting my own starfighter. That stuck with me for a long time. I learned everything I could and began writing my own stories.

I may not ever get to sit behind the controls of an X-Wing, but I’ve been driven to fully embrace my love of writing. I want to expand stories and tell my own, and I can thank Star Wars for that. Sometimes it takes seeing a grand story to drive you to create your own.

There is Another

As for our very own Mauricio, he’s been a Star Wars fan longer than most of us. He bought his tickets for The Force Awakens months ahead of time and will be first in line for great seats. The weeks leading up to the premier haven’t just been about him, though, as he’s taken the occasion to spread the wonder.

Leading up to the new movie, he’s used the chance to introduce his young daughter to the fun he had when he was a kid. The great thing about Star Wars is that it transcends generations and finds ways for all of us to identify with. It’s not enough to just love Star Wars, we enjoy the chance to introduce new people to it. It’s inclusive, and that’s part of its staying power.

Fueling Your Stories

Star Wars has helped us all look to make ourselves better, and that pushes us in all we do, especially when it comes to our work. So even if we stay up a little late to catch the new flick, rest assured knowing that our inspiration helps fuel your stories. If you want in on that story, reach out to us or give us a call at 956.687.1521.