Why Social Media Deserves To Be Recognized On A Global Scale

June 30th is International Social Media Day! Social Media has changed the way we look at people, businesses, and their brands. The way it affects us and the world around us since its inception is astounding, and on this day we celebrate it for so many reasons!

Social Media and its Impact

Connecting the world in an instant, starting international movements, and bringing people together who have the same likes and passions are just a few of the enormous impacts we’ve seen thanks to social media. It has changed the way and the speed at which we receive information and how we perceive any type of business or organization. For this reason, no matter what you’re business is, there is a way to benefit from social media and all its incomparable qualities.

Branding made easier

Communicating exactly who or what your brand or business is has never been easier. Where previously, it would take print ads, commercials, and costly time and effort to get your message out to the world, social media has made it possible for people to find out who you are and what you stand for in half the time and half the cost. A brand is so much more than what you sell; it also speaks the values of your company. Creating a consistent brand image on social media can be one way to introduce potential customers, in a much larger scale, to your very real company with the message at the forefront. Making this connection with your audience can lead to loyal customers who not only enjoy a product, but support your business as a whole and will continue with your company.

Social Media and the Web

If social media for you means creating opportunities that will generate sales for your business, then you are among the majority of those looking to capitalize from this new digital phenomena. Creating great content on social media can help people easily, and with low commitment, get to know your product or service and grow interest in it. If sales on your website is what you’re looking for, it’s the perfect way to get people to learn about and eventually choose you, and provide you with the way to convert followers to actual customers. Social media allows you to track and learn about the people who are showing interest in you, making it easier to create great content that not only satisfies them, but attracts more people like them to your business.

Social Media Day, Every Day!

Social Media Day means celebrating the ability to connect with others all over the world from the comfort of wherever we are. At Imagine It Studios, we pride ourselves at doing this successfully for all of our clients on a daily basis. Let us celebrate Social Media with you! We can help you reap the benefits of this amazing digital medium and are just one call, or social media message, away.