Snapchat Strikes Back: How the Company Listened to and Addressed its Customers’ Wants and Complaints

Competition in the tech world is fierce, and one update on your favorite app could be the difference between gaining and losing countless users. Today we will discuss Snapchat, the social media phenom that refuses to quit, and how they are staying alive by keeping their finger on the social media pulse.

Recently, Snapchat reported that the company’s numbers shrank in the second quarter of 2018. But when did this downward trend begin and how can the tech giant mount a comeback?

The Petition That Began a Movement

Critics will argue that an updated and unpopular redesign released in November of 2017 began the descent, and Snapchatters let their displeasure be known. One user even went to great lengths by creating a wide-spread petition demanding that the company go back to its previous format. The action went viral and over 1.2 million users signed.

The Rally Back

After more subsequent user drop-offs this year, Snapchat introduced four new updates that are unique to its platform:

  • July 10th – The social media giant introduced Lens Explorer that allows people to use lens or animated filters created by subscribers from all over the world.
  • September 5thSpectacles, the sunglasses with built-in cameras, was updated. The latest version can now capture up to 70 videos on a single charge.
  • September 24th – Visual Search was unveiled that allows searching and shopping for products by simply pointing your phone camera at an item or its barcode.
  • September 25th – The latest update comes in political form. Snapchat now offers a way for users to register to vote!

Make Snapchat Work with Your Company

Social media platforms are quickly evolving, and if you’re not keeping up with the latest trends, then the opportunity to reach new customers can be tough. At Imagine It Studios, we have a team of social media experts that can help your company connect with clients in this growing online world through multiple social media avenues. Contact our digital marketing and web design company in McAllen today to get started!

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