How Your Business Should Take Advantage of Instagram’s Updates!

If you noticed a slight change while browsing your Instagram feed during the past week, it was silently upgraded. Most of us noticed the change because a few icons looked a bit different, but it was more than just that (which we’ll get into more detail below). Instagram has been releasing plenty of upgrades lately. Some are met with open arms while others get the evil eye. Let’s go over what this new update is all about!

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Story Archive

In the past, we were unable to save our stories to our Instagram account. Yes, we could save them to our phones, but then we’d just be sacrificing phone storage. That’s changed now, so save away because you can now archive your favorite Instagram stories! Or, if you want for your stories to automatically save, simply turn on the ‘Save to Archive’ feature in your settings.

This can be a godsend for your business! Let’s say you’re running a promotion and want to bring it back to life months later. You can simply go back to the archived stories section of your account, find what you need and repost it!

Story Highlights

Something completely new and very neat is “Story Highlights”. You can find this under the “Bio” section of your Instagram account. After archiving your favorite stories, create a few highlights to share. To find them, go to your profile, look up on the top right and tap the clock icon. There, you’ll find your archived photos and stories.

Your Instagram account already shows off your businesses’ personality; now show your followers more of how your business functions! Instagram followers tend to like businesses with an Instagram account over those who don’t. This gives potential customers a sense of connection and comfort prior to making a purchase or visiting to shop.

Instagram is Up

Instagram is currently taking control of the social media world with no signs of slowing down. In the U.S., 70% of businesses own an Instagram account. Does yours? You have the capability to reach a larger audience through the use of hashtags and Geofilters, and Instagram is projected to have 100 million users by 2018, so now is the time to act! Contact our digital marketing agency in McAllen today and learn how to get started on perfecting your online presence!