Avoiding the Shaky Cam: 4 Stances to Help You Get Stable Shots for Your Video

We’ve all been there: you’re watching a video that looks more like the Blair Witch Project because of how shaky it is, and then you get that uncomfortable knot in your stomach that makes you feel queasy. Shaky footage is a common amateur mistake in the social media world that can jeopardize the enjoyment of your video. Remember, stabilizers and tripods are your best friends! But, if you’ve happened to leave them behind at home or are on a budget that can’t afford either, then know that there are other tricks to help you avoid the dreaded shaky cam. Here are five stances to help you stabilize your shots while filming.

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The Elbow Plant

This is our number one go-to tip for stable social media filming. Find a sturdy object and place your elbows on it to keep your arms steady. This works virtually anywhere you can plant your elbows on, such as car hoods, tree branches or desks, as long as it’s something steady. The world can literally be your tripod anywhere you film. This technique works well with smartphones and cameras.

T-Rex It

Yes, we know, it sounds funny, but it works! Stand with your legs parallel to your shoulders for a wide stance. This creates a strong foundation. Next, tuck in your elbows while holding your camera or phone close to your chest. The T-Rex works for shooting film with smartphones and cameras as well.

The Knee Bend

No, you’re not proposing to someone! Instead, you’re securing your footage from swaying side-to-side. Bend down on one knee and place the elbow supporting your camera on your raised knee. You’ll be surprised by the steady shots!

Extended Strap

This technique is used for cameras with a carrying strap. With the strap around your neck, pull the camera forward until the strap is tight. This will help you swivel up and down and left to right, creating smooth motions for your video.

The Social Media Creators

How do we know that these tips work? Because we use them in our daily work! While we’re out filming and creating awesome content, we’re always looking to find the best techniques to create the best videos. Our skills aren’t limited to videos, though. We can also help your business with everything that involves digital marketing, such as website design, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing and so much more.  For more information on how we can help your business grow online, contact our digital marketing agency in McAllen today!