5 Social Media Marketing McAllen Ideas for New Businesses

Starting social media can be a very daunting task. You have to:

  1. Set up your business.
  2. Establish it as a credible source online or in-person.
  3. Create graphics.
  4. Brainstorm different social media ideas.

And you’re supposed to post every day? If you’re feeling overloaded, we completely understand and are here to help!

Whether your business is posting on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok (or maybe all three!), these five post ideas will help you get started!

1. Introduce Team

This is a great content strategy that can be recycled throughout the year by introducing yourself and your team. With the continuous growth of followers, you can also re-introduce yourself or continuously introduce your team members.

We recommend waiting a minimum of 2-3 months before re-introducing. Here’s an example! 

2. Creative Drive / Process

  • If you are an artist, show off your drawing process.
  • If you are opening a restaurant, explain the flavors you’ve put together to create a dish.
  • If you are a boutique owner, show off your new inventory and explain why you chose those designs.
  • Salon and Spa? Show off techniques or trends!

Here is an excellent example of how we’ve done this for our clients! 

3. Behind the scenes / Company Culture Posts

Show users how you package items or how you set up for markets. This isn’t limited to showing inventory, but you can also show fun behind the scenes with your team at an event. This is piggybacking on the creative drive process.


4. Memes / Facts

Depending on your audience, memes are a fun way to share your brand values. If memes aren’t aligned with your brand, you can also share facts about your business.

5. Collaboration and Influencers

Collaborations are a great way to put your products out there quickly.

  • Reach out to local influencers that would powerfully represent your brand.
  • Influencers can create content for you
  • Influencers can also be your testimonial and help your products reach a new audience.
  • Collaborate with other businesses in doing a big giveaway that can boost networking. Here is an example of how. 

BONUS TIP: Engagement Posts – Examples include: Polls, Quizzes, and Open-ended Questions

Engagement posts are a fantastic way for your audience to get involved. Whether you are asking them:

  • Which design is better?
  • Which outfit do they like more?
  • Or quizzing them on what year the first orchestra originated?

These types of engagement posts are great for enticing users. PLUS! Giveaways are a strong incentive if you find it hard to garner comments!

Create Endless Content With Our Social Media Marketing McAllen Agency

There has been an enormous uptick in new businesses in McAllen and the Rio Grande Valley area. Our social media marketing McAllen agency has helped many clients throughout the RGV, and we want to help you.

Our robust team of creators consistently brainstorms and collaborates on out-of-the-box strategies. If you’re looking for a team that can help you get your footing on social media, contact us!