4 Facebook Updates that Businesses Need to Know for 2018

A new year, a fresh new set of rules and updates for social media!

2017 was a whirlwind of controversy, blunders and great successes in the world, and we all probably found out the juicy details about all of them by simply logging into our Facebook accounts. Facebook is the biggest contender in social media with more than one billion people using it daily. A whopping 79% of Americans use Facebook compared to 32% of Americans using Instagram.
With a majority of Americans using the platform for updating statuses, connecting with others or staying up-to-date with news, it’s no surprise that there are over 65 million business pages competing for those likes, shares and comments.

As your business emerges into the new year, establishing a new game plan to tackle Facebook marketing in 2018 is crucial, but that’s where we can help. Here are Facebook’s biggest updates that you should keep in mind for the new year.

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Cracking Down on Engagement Bait

Facebook just announced that it will be cracking down on marketing tactics known as “engagement baiting”. We’ve all been plagued by posts that want you to engage through likes, comments or shares. For example, “Share this post for a chance to win!”

Facebook announced in mid-December of 2017 that it would begin implementing new algorithms and stricter demotions for pages “that systematically and repeatedly use engagement bait to artificially gain reach in News Feed.”

Posts that ask for advice, recommendations or raising money will not be affected. This is planned to go into effect within several weeks to allow marketers and publishers to adapt.

“Snoozing” Pages, Friends or Groups

Similar to “Unfollow”, “Hide” or “See First”, the “Snooze” feature on Facebook will give you another level of control on what you want to see on your feed. Facebook will be rolling out the ability to snooze your friends, page or group for 30 days.

The biggest difference between unfollowing and snoozing is the timespan. Instead of unfollowing a page or friend directly and turning off all updates from them, you can just periodically snooze them.

This feature is great when your feed is flooded with cats after your Facebook friend just adopted one or when that one friend keeps posting pictures of savory meals when you’re on a diet.

Page Stories

Snapchat and Instagram aren’t the only social media platforms to share videos and pictures that disappear in 24 hours any longer. Although stories have been available for personal use on Facebook, stories for Pages are fairly new. This is great for businesses looking to reach a newer audience or trying to become more personable through Facebook.

Facebook Creator App

Although available only for iOS systems for now, Facebook’s Creator App is opening the door for vloggers. It’s a “one stop shop for creators of all kinds, to help take their passions to the next level”, according to Facebook. The creator app includes:

  • Live Creative Kit – This ability adds unique intros and outros to live broadcasts. Also included is the ability to customize live stickers that viewers can use to interact with during a live feed.
  • Community Tab – This allows you to connect with other creators and collaborators through an inbox that combines Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.
  • Camera and Stories – Cross-posting content will be much easier. Use fun camera effects and then feel free to share them on Instagram or Facebook.
  • Insights – This is vital for social media marketers. With this, you can access your live broadcast’s analytics, giving you more insight on who is checking in and what works.

Keep an Eye Out

2018 will be filled with greater updates from Facebook, and as social media strategists, we’re always keeping an eye out for which features can help your business stand out. In 2018, let us help your business conquer social media. Contact or visit our digital marketing agency in McAllen today!