Integrated Marketing: A Team-Based Approach to Securing Your Digital Success

The NBA Playoffs have recently started to heat things up on basketball courts across the country. If you’re anything like us, you watch every game with a fever of anticipation, hoping your team pulls a win closer to an NBA Championship. To hoist the trophy, not only does your team need your support to win, they need to employ the right mindset to achieve the highest of glories. What is that mindset? Working as a team of course!

Learn how our team goes beyond to secure your victory in the digital marketing world.

One Team, One Goal

On the basketball court, a lot of variables have to work for success. Things like striving for the same goal, communication, trust and complementing skill-sets are all ingredients for a well-functioning group. When all cylinders are firing, everyone is doing his or her job to the best of their ability. When great leadership is involved, those jobs balance each other perfectly to best serve the team’s game plan.

The same goes for your company’s efforts within the digital marketing sector, it just has a fancier name – Integrated Marketing. Integrated Marketing is incorporating the right mix of marketing strategies, content and channels, and complementing their approaches to spread the same message.

Every gameplan is different. Certain marketing avenues work better than others depending on what that message is because, just like basketball, it’s all about the matchups. For some, it makes sense to have a strong social media presence on Twitter and Facebook while being accompanied with a weekly blog because that’s where their audience is. For others, a strong advertising campaign can be accompanied with a specifically targeted e-mail campaign.

Consistency is Key

In order to win every matchup by integrating your marketing successfully, you need to be consistent across the board. Design, content and voice should be seamlessly identifiable and transferable to the other mediums used in your gameplan. In addition, continually engaging with your audience and staying up-to-date with the latest digital trends is crucial to staying relevant in the digital marketplace.

The All-Stars are Waiting

At Imagine It Studios, our team of digital marketing experts can get your integrated marketing campaign soaring leagues above the rest. From website design to content creation and social media management, the all-stars at Imagine It are ready to round out your efforts. Contact us for more information about what we can do for you.



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