Extreme Website Makeover: The Imagine It Studios Edition

Nobody loves a website makeover more than we do. As much as we love doing them for our clients, we decided to show our own site some much needed TLC. After countless hours of brainstorming and blood, sweat and tears, our digital marketing team is proud to announce the unveiling of our new and improved website!

What’s New and Improved?

Our old website design wasn’t bad. However, it didn’t efficiently communicate what we do and, more importantly, the quality of work we are capable of. When we set out to design our new site, we wanted to showcase what sets us apart from our competitors. Our complete site transformation consisted of the following features:

  • New Easy-to-Use Navigation – Our enhanced navigation allows you to access any area of our website with the simple click of a button. Whether you’re checking out our new blog or services page, getting around on our website is easier than ever.
  • Revamped Services Page – Our services page effectively highlights what we do best. We broke down each of the services we provide to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • New Layout and Design – Always on a mission to think outside the box when it comes to design, we added some fresh features to enhance the overall user experience and created a site layout that is truly unique.

We want all of our clients to experience the same feeling of pride and joy when it comes to their online presence, which is why we won’t settle for just any cookie cutter digital marketing campaign.

Let Us Revamp Your Online Presence

At Imagine It Studios, we equate design integrity with brand integrity and believe that in order to stay at the top of our game, innovation and teamwork are essential. We understand that your website is a reflection of your business, which is why our digital marketing experts work together to help put your best foot forward with a new or revamped website. Contact us for more information about how we can change your online presence today!


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