A Facebook Dating App: Is it a Genius Idea or Too Much?

Many believe that Facebook is only one step away from having too much control in every part of our lives. The latest roll out by the social media giant, according to Mr. Zuckerberg himself, will be a new dating feature aimed at bringing people together in long-lasting relationships, not hookups!

What’s Involved?

According to Facebook executives at the company’s recent F8 developer conference,

you’ll be able to keep your dating and personal profiles separate. The app will allow you to see potential matches and events nearby that match up with your personal interests and then send messages to other users who are interested in the same things. What’s also important to note is that your dating profile will not be visible to your friends.

Really Cool or a Total Disaster?

I honestly can’t decide how to feel about this. On one hand, this sounds like a great idea. To have your social and dating profile all in one spot makes it very efficient and easy, but coming from a company that’s dealing with some major privacy issues, how safe and separate will they really be?

I mean, do you really want Grandpa Jim to stumble across the fact that you like romantic weekends or those shirtless gym selfies you take of yourself? Secondly, with all of the successful dating apps making serious money from people looking to find their soulmates, how long do you think Facebook will play Cupid for free? And third, can we just talk about how Facebook plans on keeping scammers, catfishers and advertisers out of your dating life?

We don’t have to talk about it because they have no plan! Sorry to burst your bubble, but this dating app will still be subjected to constant advertising, and there will be no real guarantee that the hunky, successful dude you’re meeting up with this weekend isn’t really some troll.

Final Thoughts

I don’t really understand why Facebook is doing this. I think this sounds a lot like other dating apps already on the market, so do we really need another one? I guess if you’re willing to try anything, then you can give it a go when it rolls out later this year.

Just be prepared to give up that tiny bit of information that Facebook didn’t already know about you! I personally don’t want to give Facebook more ways to be rooted in my personal life, but to each their own. As a married woman, I don’t give attention to the dating world, but it seems that the digital arena is where it’s now at. To my single friends, I say Godspeed and happy swiping!

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Suzanne is a social media strategist and occasional writer for Imagine It Studios.