From a Nerve-Wracking Interview to Watching Batman v Superman: My First Few Days with Imagine It Studios

On Friday, March 25th, I was fortunate enough to catch an early showing of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the long-awaited film that made history by featuring both titular characters together for the first time on the big screen.

Imagine It Studios CEO and owner John King called us into his office earlier that week to inform us that we were doing a great job and wanted to reward us with tickets to this highly-anticipated movie. To describe my reaction as stoked was an understatement.

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A Full House

When it came time to watch the film, I was the last one from the office to arrive as I’d had a very busy morning, and I regretted it. The theater filled up quickly and some of us were left sitting in handicap seats, not by choice, of course. Thankfully, my coworkers Clair and Crystal saved me a seat, preventing me from sitting next to strangers and crying babies.

As I sat there watching moviegoers look for loved ones who were supposed to save a seat for them, I couldn’t help but reminisce back to that first job interview with Mike Martinez and Osmar Alanis, the editor and content manager for Imagine It Studios, respectively. It was a company that, at the time, I wasn’t completely sure about, but as I would later find out, Imagine It Studios really helps businesses connect with their target market.

Door-to-Door Sales?

Flashback time. It was a Friday afternoon and, like always, I was running late. This time it was for a job interview. Osmar, my contact, had assured me that it didn’t matter what I looked like or how I dressed, as the job was very casual. That immediately raised red flags in my head and I wondered to myself if my interview was a candidacy for door-to-door sales for kitchen knives.

I tried explaining that I had to shower because I’d spent the morning helping barbecue for hundreds of people at a pre-Super Bowl tailgate party. I wasn’t dirty per se, but after the morning I’d had, I might as well have been wearing clown makeup.

The Interview

When I arrived, the low lighting and nonchalant attitude of my interviewers surprised me. I sat, listened and realized that my perceived notions of kitchenware were false. I worked up the interview tricks I’d picked up over time; nodding slowly while maintaining eye contact, mimicking body language and asking questions.

It dawned on me that both Mike and Osmar, my liaisons for the afternoon, had the best intentions and slowly, I begin to let my guard down. Before I was completely done with the interview, I was asked to write a few blog entries to help them gauge my writing ability. Not holding any anxieties, I begin to write.

Butterflies in My Stomach, or Maybe it’s Just Empty

Back to the present. Clair and Crystal were fortunate enough to find seats next to each other, but there was a bit of separation, a wheelchair’s width to be exact. Time dragged on as I watched people stumble around to scattered seats, watching their faces as they realized they wouldn’t be sitting next to each other.

I debated getting popcorn and a drink but knew I’d never finish either, no matter how long the movie was (it was pretty long). Finally, the movie started and at one point during it, John stood near me and tried to get my attention. This didn’t work at first as I was completely engulfed in the movie, but his mischievousness eventually distracted me. That’s just the kind of guy John is, he loves to joke around, even when a big-budget superhero film is playing.

“Breathe, Just breathe”

And another flashback. Osmar calls the following Monday after my interview telling me they were impressed with my work. He wants to know a good time to come in and meet John. We settled on the following day at 11 AM. My head began swirling with ideas of how this interview would possibly go bad and what I was going to wear.

I get to the office and meet John. He senses my anxiety, holds his hand up and says, ”Breathe, just breath. You good?” The conversation commences and breathing becomes natural again. “It’s only a job interview”, he says.

I shake my head and we finally start talking. I find out Imagine It Studios goes above and beyond for their clients. They have local and national accounts that depend on them to hook the target market on behalf of the client and reel them in through beautiful website designs, exceptional SEO, thorough monthly analytics and engaging social media.

The testimonials from business owners who have or continue to work with the team have nothing but great things to say. It was at that moment I knew that this was the company I wanted to work for.

Clowning Around

And back to the present again. The movie ends and we all meet outside to talk about our favorite parts. We walk out in a group and quickly notice the huge lines that have formed outside. I stop to think, ”How many of these moviegoers are here with their bosses?” Probably none.

Dedication and Hard Work

If there’s one thing I’ve learned here, it’s that a little clowning around and having fun isn’t frowned upon as long as we continue doing excellent work. That’s something we do occasionally at Imagine It Studios.

We work extremely hard for our clients and each other. We are passionate about the creativity we put into our work while aiming to keep our clients satisfied. If you want to jump in on the fun by building your business’s online presence, let us know.