Imagine It Studios’ 2nd Annual Holiday Office Decorating Contest

Holiday festivities and competition don’t typically go hand in hand, unless you work at Imagine It Studios. For the second straight year, our digital marketing team is celebrating the start of the holiday season with an office-decorating contest. We do this for several reasons. Christmas is simply a beautiful, fun and joyous holiday. We also happen to love competing against one another while having fun and good laughs.

Office Holiday Decorations, Imagine It Style

A major portion of our day is spent inside the office, so why not make it jollier during this time of the year? Last year, Christmas trees, twinkle lights and fake snow were all strewn about in a collaborative effort to make the entire office as festive as possible. Unfortunately for the other teams, the Content Dream Team participated, and we always play to win.

When the decorations were up and judging began, we emerged victorious. That’s not to say that the other departments lacked creativity. It was an activity where everyone had fun and got in on the holiday spirit.

Festive, Yet Productive

When the office comes together to spread holiday cheer, everyone’s a winner. It’s nice to have the opportunity to transform our workspaces into a Winter Wonderland for one month out of the year. If last year’s contest was any indication of things to come, this year’s event will be something to remember.

Festive digital marketing professionals can also be productive and imaginative. Our workspaces aren’t the only things we are capable of transforming, as there is no shortage of creativity in the Imagine It office, no matter the time of year or circumstance.

To find out how our team of digital marketing specialists can transform your digital presence, call, send an e-mail or stop by and visit our beautifully decorated office!



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