Why Your Business Should Utilize Retargeting Ads

Have you ever been on a website shopping for clothes, electronics, or something else, and then on another site, like Facebook, you spot those products or something similar in an ad? If so, did you think to yourself how much of a coincidence it was? Well, when that happens, it isn’t a coincidence. It’s called “retargeting.”

Retargeting ads allow businesses to remind customers of the products and/or services they were looking for on another website. Every time your customers see your retargeting ads, whether on social media or by browsing the web, your business gains traction and more recognition. Why should your business take advantage of them?

5 Reasons to Use Retargeting Ads

Retargeting is a small tool that can deliver big results when implemented strategically. It’s a tactic we aim to apply to your digital campaign alongside an integrated digital strategy. If you’re iffy about utilizing retargeting ads because you’re positive you won’t need them, think again. Take a look at these numbers:

  • According to Mailchimp, around 97% of visitors that leave a website never return.
  • According to ReadyCloud Suite, web traffic can increase by a staggering 700% with retargeting!
  • Retargeting beats all other ad placement strategies with a 1,046% efficiency rate according to Truelist.
  • Ads are three times as likely to be clicked on by retargeted customers than new ones according to Invespcro.
  • Again, according to Mailchimp, you can increase your sales probability by up to 50% with retargeting ads compared to other types of advertisements!

How Retargeting Works

When talking about internet cookies, we definitely don’t mean the chocolate chip variety. When browsing a site, has a notice ever popped up asking you to “Accept Cookies”? These cookies are stored in your web browser and remember the webpages you’ve visited. Think of them as cookie crumbs that lead back to where you’ve been. With these cookies, we can utilize this data to serve ads to these same users again. This exposure can entice them to make a purchase or request a service from your site.

Let’s Work Together!

Retarget your customers through email marketing, social media, or with display ads. It’s part of a bigger digital media strategy that can create more sales and build relationships with shoppers after they’ve left your site. Contact our digital marketing agency in McAllen today!