5 Tips You Should be Following to Shoot Great Video on Your Smartphone

Let’s cut to the chase. You want to learn how to make videos but don’t have a fancy DSLR 4K camera or a $400 crane stabilizer. We’re going to let you in on a secret: you don’t need all of that elaborate stuff to create a great social media video! In fact, some of our own greatest viral videos were shot on smartphones! We’re going to share with you five must-know tips that can help you out when shooting your own videos.

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Clean that Lens

This is such a mundane rule, we know, but you’d be surprised how many videos we’ve seen with smudge marks circulating on social media. Cleaning the lens is absolutely necessary and can eliminate any annoying glares or hidden smudges that won’t show up on your phone but will later be seen on a laptop.

“I’ve been guilty of this, and trust me, it’s a huge inconvenience when you have to retake film because you forgot one basic rule. Always clean your lens before shooting. It’s a good habit to have, whether you’re taking photos or shooting film,” said Clair, one of our social media strategists.

Find the Perfect Lighting

With such small image sensors and lenses, it’s easy to get grainy areas and unwanted shadows while filming on your smartphone. If you’re planning on doing video blogs, we recommend investing in external lighting with a softbox, umbrella or ring light. If you’re looking to save some cash, then natural light is a great option. Stick to filming with the best natural light outside or near large windows.

Keep it Stable

Using a camera or phone to film for a long period of time in an awkward position can make even the strongest arms twitch or sway. Shaky footage can make audiences feel nauseous, motion sick or simply annoyed. While that kind of footage worked for the Blair Witch Project, most of us just want steady footage to showcase our stories.

While there are great and affordable options for smartphone stabilization, like tripods or gimbals, you can also use your own body or something nearby to capture steady shots. Two of our favorite options are:

  • The Elbow Plant – Locate a sturdy object and place your elbows on it to keep your arms steady. Examples include desks, car hoods, tree branches, etc. The world can be your tripod.
  • The T-Rex – It sounds funny, but it works! Stand with your legs parallel to your shoulders for a wide stance. This will create a strong foundation. Tuck in your elbows and hold your phone to your chest.

Keep the Audio Clear

A great video can easily be ruined by horrible, muffled audio. If your video has audio that enhances the storyline and your audience can’t hear it, then what’s the point of watching it? Compared to DSLR cameras, your phone as has very limited audio, but that doesn’t mean it’s useless.

Get as close to the phone as you can. Speak louder than usual and fully enunciate. Eliminate any background noise that may hinder your audio. Since every phone varies, film some trial runs first and determine the best position to stand where your voice is clearly heard. If all else fails, invest in an external mic. There are great options that start at $20 that can enhance your audio to perfection.

Find the Best Editing Software/App

There’s an abundance of software out there that can enhance and transform your creation, but if you’re just starting out, this can quickly be overwhelming. The best tactic is to start simple by downloading a video app!

There are plenty of praise-worthy apps that can trim film and add basic filters. For iPhone users, iMovie is the best in-house film editing app. It has the ability to edit, customize logos, add sound effects, transfer files from your phone to desktop and much more.

“iMovie is my favorite app for film editing. Not only does it have great transitions, but it’s super easy to use,” said Genesis, another of our social media strategists.

For Android, InShot is one of the best. It’s similar to iMovie and caters to basic film editing, transitions and filters. Both of these options are easy to use and can produce some stunning videos.

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