Running with the Bulls: A Look at the New RGVFC Toros Website

Soccer, football or futbol is one of the most popular sports in the world and things are no different in the Rio Grande Valley. In fact, the sport is so popular in our area that even our own team of writers, social media specialists, developers and designers watches and plays it on a regular basis! It was our love for the game that led us to work on a revamped website for the RGVFC Toros, the Valley’s professional soccer team and affiliate of the Houston Dynamo.

A Winning Combination

The look of the Toros’ website had to be as loud and effective as the game the team plays. This took Jaime Villagomez, our web designer, down a very creative path.

“It was really fun to do because the ideas came out naturally. When you have a team that plays such an exciting sport and has very vibrant colors, the creativity just flows,” he revealed.

“Making sure the bursts of color clicked perfectly with the site’s overall design was important and something I took into consideration throughout the entire process.”

Yet, while the look and appeal of our work were very important, they had to compliment the functionality and ease-of-access of the entire website. This is where Cesar Gonzalez, our lead developer, came into play.

“Our focus of the development of the Toros website was to create a sleek and attractive experience for the fans who want more information about the team,” he said. “Mobile responsiveness was a big deal because we wanted fans to have the kind of access that would keep them coming back for more.”

An Inspired Win

For a brand as big as the RGVFC Toros, a lively, functional and well-designed website is a must. It’s exactly what the Imagine It Studios team set out to deliver. The process was fast-paced and, at times, frantic, but it gave us the opportunity to work with a vibrant and passionate organization.

If you’re ready to give your business the same treatment, let us help. Our McAllen-based team of writers, designers, social media experts and digital marketing specialists will work around the clock to ensure your brand is delivered to your audience.