How Twitter’s 280-Character Count Can Benefit Your Holiday Marketing Efforts

With the holidays coming up and countless sales sure to hit everywhere, is your social media game ready? According to Twitter Business, 52% of consumers take to Twitter to discover, research and purchase products. This increases the chance of users tweeting about their holiday purchases and giving your business great exposure.

If you’re currently brainstorming holiday promotions, then get the ball rolling quick. November through January is filled with business specials and promotions that Twitter users are sure to discuss. Your potential holiday customers are on Twitter, so be a part of it!

A year ago, Twitter introduced the ability to include photos and videos to a 140-character tweet. Most recently, the social media giant introduced a new 280-character count limit. This truly is a digital marketer’s dream, but what does this mean for your business? We collected a few do’s and don’ts from our social media strategists on how to utilize Twitter this holiday season!

Draw a whole new crowd of potential clients this holiday season by using Twitter! Contact our digital marketing agency in McAllen today to get started!

Consumers on Twitter

Twitter is a bit different from other social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram are more popular when looking to market products or businesses. However, we can’t forget the 328 million monthly active users on Twitter! With 70% of people beginning their holiday shopping before December 2nd, businesses can largely benefit from advertising early. Start things off by creating multiple graphics fit for all of your social media platforms – but most importantly, for Twitter.

The Video Upload Option

Videos also work great on Twitter since they use an autostart feature. Social media video marketing has grown in popularity over the last few years and will continue to thrive in 2018. We recommend creating videos no longer than a minute to better make an impact on a viewer. The average social media user’s attention span is no longer than 30 seconds. Within a minute or less, go into depth about your product or business. Don’t forget to include a call-to-action and the end of each video.

Avoid the “Too-Much-Hashtagging” Temptation

Although you can now tweet with up to 280 characters, don’t go on a hashtagging craze since too many can be overwhelming for users. Research has shown that using too many isn’t as effective as you think. Tweets with one or two hashtags only generate 21% more engagement, so the only effect you’ll have with using too many is distancing your followers. Your aim on Twitter as a business is to drive traffic to your website, so don’t give it all away on a single tweet.

Consistency is Key

If your business has a Twitter account but hasn’t seen results due to a lack of likes and retweets, don’t give up! Sometimes Twitter feeds fill up at a rapid rate, causing your followers to miss your tweets. Posting once a day isn’t going to cut it, especially when running holiday promotions. The key is to be consistent, even if it seems like you’re tweeting too much.

Using Twitter this Holiday Season

If you have a marketing plan in mind for the holiday season but don’t how to execute it, get in contact with us in McAllen today! Great content along with consistency is imperative for fostering an effective holiday promotion. With us, your social media marketing efforts will be in the trustworthy hands of our social media strategists!