So Long, Summer: Back to Business with Imagine It

As the long, carefree days of summer fade into the brisk freshness of fall, it’s time to go back to work and take stock of your business and its marketing strategies. No matter how nice your website is, it won’t mean a thing if you are not having it properly optimized. Here are a few things to consider when gauging whether or not your website is running at optimal level.

Know Who You’re Trying to Reach

The biggest mistake most businesses make when trying to implement SEO practices is writing for search engines. Search engines aren’t human! They are odd, magical beings that take mathematic algorithms and probability and turn them into results. Your site and all content that goes on it, should always be written for your target audience. Having professionally written, compelling content to attract and engage visitors should always be your number one priority. Which bring us to our next point.

It’s All About Content

Search engines are constantly evolving via changes and updates. That means that the way you were optimizing content a year and a half ago will not be effective at all today. Search engine optimization means a lot more than just repeating keywords a set amount of times per page. Now, search engines are seeking content that is organized, well-written and most of all—relevant! Your site should become a trusted source of information and all of this stems from the quality of your content. The bottom line is that in order to effectively produce quality content that can be easily found online by users you are targeting, you must employ the expertise of a skilled technical team who will stay ahead of the curve and ensure that your content will roll with the proverbial SEO punches.

Keep the ‘Social’ in Social Media

Social media is not just setting up a Facebook page and praying that people stumble across it and “like” you. As with most things in life, the “set it and forget it” method won’t apply here, so don’t even bother if you cannot put in the time and effort required to do it yourself. Building a social media site is a lot like fostering business relationships. It takes work and consistency in order to see results. Your social media site should be utilized as a platform to “talk back” to your core audience. Consistently engaging users with video, polls, links and giveaways puts the ‘social’ back in social media and will afford you with a greater relationship with brand advocates who are more likely to share and promote your content.

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