7 Marketing Ideas to Turn Your Luck Around this Friday the 13th

Knocking on wood and carrying a rabbit’s foot. These are just two of the superstitions we’ve heard for having good luck. Whether you find them senseless or silly, millions believe in them. For even the most experienced marketing company, superstitions can also be believed, and when the worst happens, it’s blamed on bad luck. Instead of dealing with seven years of bad luck, turn this Friday the 13th into a profitable day with these seven marketing ideas.

Online marketing doesn’t have to be scary. We can conquer any fears you might have about the industry by reaching the audience you want.

1. Make Funny Product Tie-Ins

What’s a better promotion than tying in your product with the very day many people dread? Regal Ketchup had people chuckling with their play on a “bloody” print ad for their version of Friday the 13th with ketchup being their substitute for blood. By incorporating your product with a creative marketing method, people will look to your business on other crazy holidays.

Funny product tie-ins aren’t just for national holidays. They can surely be used for odd ones as well. You have to seize all available opportunities to be different and stand out. That’s how you gain a strong audience.

2. Embrace Horror Icons

Use horror icons. They aren’t just for Halloween, anymore. Big name brands like VISA and companies like Burger King know that using horror icons such as Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger will turn their advertisements into marketing gold. This is the kind of marketing that separates good companies from great ones. Even email marketing has gotten in on the fun with hilarious odes to Freddy Kruger and his “price cuts” on PLNDR. It’s a genius nostalgic marketing tool that will make your audience laugh and have them remembering your brand.

3. Marketing Lucky Charms

For those believing in superstitions, there are ways to turn this “unlucky” day into a positive one without submitting to the horror. Supply your audience with lucky items. You know, make deals that are similar to “Lucky Penny Deals” or ”Find some luck for Friday the 13th with these deals!”

What you want to do is make your audience believe they really evaded bad luck with your sweet business deals. By playing up the charms, you’re able to market something that might’ve been deemed un-relatable into marketing gold.

4. Play on the Numbers

There are so many different and creative ways to market your brand to drive sales on special days. “13% off” or “$13 items” are just two possible ideas. It’s quick, direct and plays into Friday the 13th in a more subtle way but can still get the boost you’re looking for. Play to superstitious numbers like how seven is seen as lucky.

It’s just like how you’re evading bad luck by reading our seven marketing tips! You can thank us later. Do this for any number of holidays, too. For Halloween, try “31 Products for a Perfect Halloween Party” or “4 Great Summer Vacations for the 4th of July.”

5. Don’t Forget Your Content

It’s one thing to have a graphic, but if prepared properly, you can also incorporate your writing into your campaign. By having content and graphics working together, you will have a stronger marketing message that plenty of people will notice. Don’t like this odd holiday? There are plenty, and we mean PLENTY, of odd holidays to choose from. By staying ahead of the game and creating sensible graphics and content to infuse together for your marketing campaign, not only will you outshine your competitors, your audience will take note of your polished, creative and forward-thinking method.

6. Encourage Audience Involvement

If dealing with a superstitious holiday, don’t be afraid to play and have fun with it. The goal is to make it excite and attract people, rather than put them off. By using various social media platforms, your business has the chance to engage customers and clientele in different ways. Ask your audience what superstitions they have, or if they carry around any lucky items. Consumer engagement is always a critical tool to get a conversation going. It doesn’t have to be scary, but it should be interactive.

For Friday the 13th, you can ask so many different questions or invite users to participate in a black cat photo submission contest. By thinking outside the box with odd holidays like Friday the 13th, you’re able to make your business relevant.

7. Know Your Audience

This Friday the 13th, the key to any successful marketing strategy is knowing your audience. Who are you catering to? You’ll also have to consider whether your business should or shouldn’t engage in one. You aren’t going to be a funeral home service that plays up on scary coffins, that’s just rude and offensive. It’s a key rule to live by in the marketing world. The one thing that drives your business is your consumer base, so always have them in mind first. They will ultimately tell you what will work and what won’t.

Scare Your Competition

There are many creative ideas that can be applied for other odd holidays like National Donut Day or Hug Your Cat Day as well. Online marketing will help connect with your audience and add the extra “oomph” you need to boost sales.

At Imagine It Studios, we have the creative PR, graphic design or online marketing ideas that can help your company reach the clientele you want. Don’t create your own bad luck by missing out on these marketing opportunities. Let us help you scare away your competition! We have all the four leaf clovers you need right here.