4 Tips for Taking Lawyer Website Content to the Next Level

Gone are the days of archaic advertising and marketing methods for businesses, especially law firms. In order to stay afloat amongst a sea of competitors, lawyers need to change their method of communicating with the world. Having an amazing website is a step in the right direction. However, in order to grab a visitor’s attention (and rank higher), develop a winning content marketing strategy.

Rank Higher with Quality Content

What does it take to achieve online glory with a website? It may take some effort but when it comes to search engines’ ranking algorithms, quality content goes a long way. Content must be effective, easily found and added on a regular basis in order to achieve better results. The following tips will help generate valuable content for your website:

  • Save the Legal Talk for the Courtroom – Using legal terminology is one way to lose a potential client’s interest. Gain traction with readers by writing in the same way you would speak to a potential client. User-friendly content is easier for your reader to digest. Remember, you’re speaking to people about topics they may have never heard of.
  • Keep it Simple – Boring and wordy paragraphs may cause a potential client’s attention to decline. Visitors want as much information as they can get their hands on and want it fast. Avoid the useless chatter and get to the bottom of the subject you’re discussing.
  • Creativity is Key – The legal search arena is continuously flooded with competition as more lawyers fill their sites with content. What sets you apart is creativity and the possibilities are endless. Use examples of situations to highlight what you’re discussing and include infographics to bring your content to life.
  • Make it Relevant – Content must be relevant for visitors if you’re aiming to make them clients. Stay on topic, whether you’re writing about personal injury claims or business disputes. It also doesn’t hurt to make it relatable. The reader should feel important; make them the focus.

Today’s reader has easy access to the information superhighway and their attention span can be difficult to keep without the proper tools and content marketing strategy. Our Content Dream Team can develop that strategy to engage readers with quality content, along with optimizing your site with key SEO elements.

Don’t stand idly by and watch potential clients flock to your competitors’ websites. Boost your digital footprint and get started on a digital marketing campaign for your business today.



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